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This local food-focused conference takes place March 9 and 10 in Olds.

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“The Farm to Market to Table Conference is a great resource,” says Eileen Kotowich, farmers’ market specialist with the Alberta government. “Producers can learn more about direct market production and connect with their peers and experts.”

The conference includes keynote speakers who focus on both production and marketing. Participants can learn about drip irrigation, planning for livestock emergencies, digital marketing, beneficial insects, and marketing meat, along with assessing land for horticulture production and preparing land for production.

“There are also discussions on the importance of insurance, what to get for your farm direct or agri-tourism operation and other risk management tools. You will hear highlights from several successful growers who have grown their operations beyond farm gate sales into the value-added realm in a variety of crops and livestock. Attendees will also be able to connect with suppliers and service providers at the conference’s tradeshow.”

In addition to the information sessions, there are a number of special events, including a virtual presentation on crop sciences, a tour of an innovative passive solar greenhouse, an interactive soil health workshop, and an opportunity to network at the banquet and awards ceremony.

Register for the Farm to Market to Table Conference.


Connect with Gary Vander Waal with Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association for more information:
Phone: 403-964-3276

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