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Getting more Alberta products on the shelf

This webinar is for Alberta companies who have product in retail and are looking to expand either within Alberta or nationally.

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“Success for many in the food and beverage industry includes getting your products on the shelf in retail,” says Margurite Thiessen, business development officer with the Alberta government. “A great product is only part of what is required. Food processors need to understand what retailers are looking for and what they will be doing to create demand and deliver the sales required to stay on the shelf.”

An upcoming webinar, Getting More Alberta Products on the Shelf, features keynote speaker Peter Chapman, SKU Foods, who will provide an overview of what is happening in food and beverage with a focus on Alberta products and how to price products and the promotion plan required to get on the shelf.

“Peter will break down some of the strategies to price your products and the costs relative to trade and marketing spend. Learn about your trade spend investing with retailers and your marketing spend connecting with consumers. You will also hear about growing your baseline and take away tools to help build your promotion plans.”

Key takeaways

  • an overview of the industry as we grapple with input supply challenges and inflation
  • a strategy to price your products, based on the category where you compete
  • definitions for all the components of trade spend and marketing spend to ensure your product has the best chance of success
  • a glossary of industry terms so you are speaking the same language as your customers

“The retail market continues to evolve as consumers and customers are changing. The recent pandemic has also had an effect on this market channel. This webinar, which is being held January 26, 2023, will help participants navigate through the changing retail market,” says Thiessen.

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