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Crop Reporting Program

Crop reports for the 2022 growing season begin May 6.

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Every year, from May until the end of harvest (October or November), the Alberta government, in partnership with Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) and the Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen, delivers the Alberta Crop Reporting program.

“The Alberta Crop Report captures timely information relating to crop production in Alberta during the current crop season,” says Ashan Shooshtarian, crop statistician with the Alberta government. “Data collected through the surveys, along with the information from other sources are used to compile the weekly crop reports at both provincial and regional levels.”

Information is gathered through weekly surveys which collect data on moisture, crop conditions, seeding and harvest progress, insect and disease outbreaks, yield potential and crop quality.

“Crop reports help producers make informed management decisions and are used by the Ministry, industry and other stakeholders for various purposes, including drought monitoring, forecasting of production insurance payments, etc.” explains Shooshtarian.

Both AFSC and the Alberta government will be taking turns writing the Crop Reports. The first report for the 2022 growing season will be publicly released on May 6. Weekly reports will be published thereafter, until the end of the crop year. Reports for the months of July and August will be bi-weekly.

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For more information, connect with Ashan Shoostarian at 780-422-2887.

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