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"The Agricultural Society Innovation Award celebrates the significant contributions agricultural societies make in Alberta,” says Susan Lacombe, program coordinator with the Alberta government. “This award allows us to work together to champion and celebrate the significant contributions that agricultural societies make, while inspiring others to take action."

The program recognized 3 agricultural societies in 2022, which made tremendous impacts on their communities – Foremost & District Agricultural Society, Grovedale Community Club & Agricultural Society and Lloydminster Agricultural Exhibition Association.

In 2022, the Foremost & District Agricultural Society collaborated with Foremost School to create an exclusive Rodeo Academy offered to grades 7-12, the first of its kind for this age group. The program, which was also open to both out-of-town and international students, was integrated into the curriculum and has the capacity to draw attendees for years to come having a direct, positive impact on the school and the local community.

The Grovedale Community Club & Agricultural Society opened the doors to its first year-round, full-time staffed business operated by the agricultural society – a community daycare. Responding to great demand, this new community daycare opened in June 2022. This new business provided a needed service, created new opportunities and jobs, and showed a commitment to support local families and keep them in the community.

The Lloydminster Agricultural Exhibition Association launched the new Cattleman’s Call. This event, based on a previous event, grew to include bull shows, networking socials, an ag-business tradeshow and a showcase for breeding programs. The Cattleman’s Call created a networking environment for new business relationships in the local cattle and agricultural sectors.
A selection panel made up of individuals representing agricultural societies will evaluate the 2023 applications based on a ranking system that includes creativity, community impact, challenge overcome and overall impression.

“Up to 3 agricultural societies will be recognized at the upcoming Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies annual convention in February 2024. Innovations should be new to the agricultural society and demonstrate how the society continued to positively impact community engagement."

The winners will each receive a banner suitable for display in their area or community hall to mark this achievement, along with a formal certificate of recognition. Applications for the 2023 award are now available. The deadline to apply is November 30, 2023.

“Agricultural societies matter, and this is one small way for us to say thank you for the critical work they do in building a stronger Alberta,” says Lacombe. 

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Alberta Agricultural Society Innovation Award


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