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AgriProfits – Dairy Cost Study program

An opportunity for dairy farmers to receive valuable information on the costs and returns of milk production at their farm.

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Enrolment is now open for the next Dairy Cost Study program beginning January 2023. Participation is free and confidential.

“A goal of Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation is to support farmers to be sustainable and profitable,” says Pauline Van Biert, research analyst with the Alberta government.

The Dairy Cost Study program provides participating dairy farmers with valuable information on the cost and returns of milk production at their farm. In times when inflation in all areas of life are top of mind, it is good to have as much information at one’s fingertips as possible to help in making decisions and starting conversations.

“The better handle you have on your own cost of production, the quicker you can react to changes in prices and costs. The dairy cost study business analysis is a valuable resource. You may already have reports on your farm performance but this analysis is another perspective and way of looking at your numbers. Empower yourself in your decision making by being informed.”

Tracking cost of production from month-to-month and year-to-year can quickly provide information to determine how/if costs are changing over time and the effect on milk production and revenue.

Why participate in the Dairy Cost Study?

  • Build a better understanding of your dairy business.
  • Be better prepared to handle times of flux and stress.
  • Make decisions based on your own farm’s performance.
  • Measuring the performance and productivity of your business is an essential starting point on the road to improvement.
  • Empower yourself by being informed and start the thought process and conversations.

“Participants provide farm information over the course of a year,” explains Van Biert. “It takes an investment of time but the results are well worth the effort. Participants are provided continuous support to help gather the farm data and make it as easy as possible, understanding that paperwork is often the last thing a farmer wants to take on. Much of the information is already kept in some manner either at the farm, with your financial adviser, or with your feed representative.”

The Dairy Cost Study has been in existence for more than 50 years and has a proven track record of providing credible information, and many producers have benefitted from being on the program.

For more information or to sign up, see:

AgriProfit$ – Dairy Cost Study


Connect with Pauline Van Biert for more information:

Phone: 780-415-2153
Email: [email protected]

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