Advancing Futures – Conditionally approved students

Young adults who are conditionally approved by Advancing Futures must complete several tasks to have their funding approved.

The Advancing Futures office is open to the public by appointment only. Young adults can schedule a meeting with their practitioner. The Advancing Futures team will also continue to support young adults in person at institutions, in the community or remotely.

Contact us to schedule a meeting or if you have any questions.

Important dates

Next application deadline

The deadline to apply for funding for the spring 2024 semester has passed. 

The Advancing Futures program is now receiving applications for fall 2024/25, the deadline to apply is June 1, 2024. 

Due to technical difficulties, no applications or prospective student inquiries were received March 6 to 25, 2024. All young adults who submitted applications during this time will need to re-submit their application. 

If you submitted a prospective student inquiry, please re-submit your question and a Practitioner will connect with you. .

Role of TAP/Advancing Futures Practitioners


After young adults complete an intake into TAP or apply for Advancing Futures, they will be connected with a Practitioner. Practitioners review each application and provide individualized support throughout the approval process. Setting up student funding is just one part of their role. Throughout the year, Practitioners will connect with young adults at least once a month and can provide:

  • a friendly face (or ear, or keyboard) to listen to a young adult’s experiences
  • coaching and mentoring as young adults plan for their future
  • support with problem solving when facing challenges
  • transition planning to help young adults achieve their goals
  • referrals to resources or agencies that offer supportive services
  • help figuring out life as a young adult

Learn more about the role of Practitioners.

Connecting with us

There are a number of ways young adults and Practitioners can connect, to make it easier to keep in touch. Young adults can:

  • stop by the office
  • call them
  • meet them for coffee
  • meet while they're at a young adult’s post-secondary institution
  • chat via video
  • email them

Each Advancing Futures Practitioner is responsible for a specific group of institutions.

Contact a Practitioner

Complete the survey and orientation

All young adults are encouraged to complete the Sociodemographic Survey once each academic year. Young adults are required to watch the Advancing Futures Orientation video prior to approval. Instructions and access information are emailed to participants after their application has been screened.

Gather institution information

Before they can be approved, all young adults must submit proof of:

  • tuition and fee charges
  • course enrolment, and
  • book and supply requirements

This information must be issued by the institution and must be student-specific.

Young adults who receive information from their school through an online student account platform should send their Practitioner screenshots of the information appearing on the account.

If schools do not use an online student account service, young adults should request the information from their school contact. Then, young adults should forward the information to their Practitioner. Paper copies can be submitted by mail, or by email with a clear photo of the information.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Scholarship

The Alberta government established this scholarship to commemorate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Royal Visit to Alberta in July 2011. The scholarship recognizes the exceptional educational achievements of students who have been in care.

These $2,000 scholarships are awarded solely to 25 Advancing Futures students each year based on their academic performance the previous year. Applicants must be Advancing Futures students.

Eligibility criteria, application process and selection method information is outlined on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Scholarship application form (available here from August 1 – 31 each year).