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Status: Bill 19 received royal assent on June 26, 2020
Ministry responsible: Health


Bill 19: the Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Amendment Act was passed to reduce the health harms associated with smoking and second-hand smoke, and address the rise in youth vaping.

In Alberta, teen vaping rates rose to 30% in 2018-19, among students in grades 10-12. Current evidence shows that vaping has immediate and long-term health risks such as lung damage, nicotine poisoning and addiction. Until Bill 19, Alberta was the only province without vaping legislation.

Last fall, close to 10,000 Albertans provided their feedback to amend existing legislation during the review of the Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act.

As a result, Bill 19 introduces enforceable restrictions on the possession, promotion, display, sale and use of these products to help support our goal to de-normalize the consumption of tobacco and vaping products.

Key details

Bill 19 renames the Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act to be the Tobacco, Smoking and Vaping Reduction Act and:

  • introduces a minimum age (18 years and older) and photo identification requirements for purchasing, possessing and consuming vaping products
  • restricts advertising and promotion of vaping products in convenience stores and gas stations
  • aligns and expands where vaping and tobacco products can not be used, reducing confusion for the public and law enforcement. New places include:
    • hospital, school and childcare properties
    • playgrounds, sports and playing fields
    • skateboard and bicycle parks
    • zoos, outdoor theatres
    • public outdoor pools and splash pads
  • limits where vaping products can be sold to align with tobacco restrictions
    • health facilities
    • public post-secondary institutions
    • stores where pharmacies are located
    • vending machines or temporary facilities
  • establishes the authority to consider restrictions on flavoured vape in the future, if needed
  • introduces fines for vaping violations


Bill 19 will come into force on proclamation.