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Addiction and mental health

Addiction and mental health supports, naloxone program and supervised consumption services.

Services and information

Find 24-hour telephone help and other supports and programs.

How Alberta is responding to the increase in fentanyl- and opioid-related deaths in our province.

Find services and information to help support children and youth with mental health concerns.

Services and resources to help you in stressful times.

Information about the Mental Health Act, community treatment orders, patient advocate, contacts, resources, and legislation.

Organizations can apply for funding for projects that enhance community mental health and addiction recovery.

Learn about the Mental Health Patient Advocate, what the office can do and who the Advocate is.

Makes decisions on applications pertaining to admission, competence and administration of treatment for people under the Mental Health Act.

DrugSafe is a trusted source for Albertans to find vital information on reducing the harm of drugs and alcohol.

Find addiction and mental health programs and services in your region.

Licensing requirements for residential addiction treatment providers, appeals and the hearing process. Find a licensed service provider.