Agriculture is an important part of Alberta’s identity and economy. There are legislation and regulations in place to protect our agricultural resources including the:

This legislation allows anything that’s harming livestock, land or property like animals, insects, plants and diseases to be declared a pest or nuisance and for authorized persons to deal with whatever is harming the agriculture.

Crop protection

The Crop Protection 'Blue Book' is a guide to help you select chemicals and application methods to protect your crops.


Weed control notices and identification forms

Alberta Weed Inspector Identification Card (PDF, 12 KB)

Inspector's Notice (PDF, 348 KB)

Local Authority's Notice (PDF, 353 KB)

Seed cleaning licensing forms

Seed-Cleaning Facility Licensing Form (PDF, 13 KB)

Licence to Operate a Seed-Cleaning Facility (PDF, 62 KB)

Portable Seed-Cleaning Facility Licensing Form (PDF, 14 KB)

Licence to Operate a Mobile Seed-Cleaning Facility (PDF, 63 KB)