Alberta Labour and Immigration is developing a list of facilitators that employers and labour groups can hire to help deal with layoffs and business closures.

Facilitators could work with employers, unions and other relevant stakeholders to develop a plan of action to support transitions in the workplace.

The facilitator's role is to:

  • work with employers, unions and other parties
  • provide advice on resources available to employers and employees
  • coordinate the delivery of programs and services for affected workers and employers

A facilitator roster will be posted here in the near future. Please check back later for updates.

The roster is not a certification of competency or a credentialing process, nor does being placed on the roster guarantee work as a facilitator. It is a resource list for external parties who wish to access the services of a Workforce Adjustment Facilitator. The roster will identify facilitators who have relevant training and experience in dealing with workforce adjustments and layoffs. It should be noted that employers and unions are free to select any facilitator, including one who is not on the roster. Individuals who perform work as facilitators do so in their own personal and professional capacity and are not considered employees, contractors or agents of the Government of Alberta through the provision of these services. Any agreement entered into between the facilitator and the employer/union will be executed independently of the Government of Alberta.



For more information on the workforce adjustment service and labour adjustment facilitators, email wafapplications@gov.ab.ca.