Workforce Adjustment Service

Companies experiencing layoffs can hire trained facilitators to help worksites develop transition plans to support affected workers.

Call for applicants

We're recruiting private sector facilitators to be on our workforce adjustment service roster. Apply by Dec 18, 2017.


The Workforce Adjustment Service is a new program to help workers affected by large workforce adjustments, such as layoffs, transition to a new job or career.

Companies can hire trained facilitators to work with employers, employees and their unions to develop a collaborative transition plan to ensure all workers are supported. The transition plan will provide workers with the information and resources they need to prepare for new jobs.

The facilitator will provide support to:

  • help employers determine specific worker needs
  • provide advice on resources available to employees and employers
  • help worksites set up a workforce adjustment committee between employees, employers and unions to create strategies to support workers facing job loss

Hire a facilitator

A list of qualified facilitators available for hire is being prepared for companies and unions. The roster will be posted in the new year.

Be a facilitator

We're currently recruiting private sector labour adjustment facilitators to be on our roster.

The roster is a resource list for employers and unions who wish to hire a facilitator who has relevant training and experience dealing with large workforce adjustments and layoffs.

Facilitators play a key role in organizing an inclusive strategy to help workers experiencing job loss. A successful applicant will be:

  • experienced in career development
  • knowledgeable about Alberta's labour market
  • able to act as a bridge between employees, employers and support services

Facilitators chosen for the roster will have their resumes posted online for a period of one year. The roster will be updated annually.

How to apply

Follow these steps to add your name to the roster list:

  1. Review the detailed labour adjustment facilitator role description
  2. Complete the facilitator application form
  3. Submit the completed application form, a 2-page resume and a fee schedule to by Dec 18, 2017

Applicants deemed to meet the roster qualifications will be contacted to arrange an assessment interview as part of the application process

Successful applicants will be notified by Jan 31, 2018.


For more information on the workforce adjustment service and labour adjustment facilitators, email