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Ministry: Labour

Thanks to everyone who participated in the review. The WCB Review Panel has concluded its work and submitted its final report to the Minister of Labour for consideration.

If you have feedback on the WCB Review Panel's final report, email your response to by September 30, 2017.

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What was reviewed

The Alberta government is committed to making sure the WCB system provides fair compensation and meaningful rehabilitation and that the system is sustainable and affordable. It’s been more than 15 years since the last WCB review.

An independent three-member panel conducted a formal review of the workers’ compensation system, including:

The review examined the:

  • WCB’s governance and effectiveness
  • principles of compensation
  • policies of WCB including those related to privacy and confidentiality
  • transparency of processes and decision-making.

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About the WCB

WCB is the administrator of the Workers’ Compensation Act and makes claim benefit decisions based on assessment of claim facts and application of legislation and policy.

The WCB provides no-fault disability insurance for workplace injuries and illnesses to more than 160,000 employers and more than two million workers. The program is 100 per cent employer funded and operates with oversight from a 10-member Board of Directors.