WCB Review Panel

An independent, three-member panel will conduct a review of the workers’ compensation system.

Mia Norrie, Neutral Chair

Mia Norrie

Human Resources and Labour Relations Consultant

Mia’s practice is focused on conflict resolution, workplace harassment and labour relations as a mediator, investigator, adjudicator and trainer. Throughout her career, Mia has had the unique opportunity to work for both management and unions in the private and public sectors. She works with a broad range of organizations across Western Canada in a neutral role to help unions and employers identify and resolve their issues in an effort to avoid expensive and adversarial litigation.

John Carpenter, Workers’ Representative Partner

John Carpenter

Chivers Carpenter law firm

John has represented trade unions and their members in arbitrations, before the Alberta Labour Relations Board, the Alberta Courts and the Supreme Court of Canada. On behalf of injured workers he has appeared before the WCB, the Appeals Commission and the Courts. He has been a panellist in a number of forums, including the National Academy of Arbitrators Annual Meeting, the Canadian Association of Labour Lawyers Annual Conference and the University of Calgary Labour Arbitration Conference. He continues to serve as Chair of the Alberta Workers' Health Centre where the focus is information and awareness on workplace health and safety.

Pemme Cunliffe

Pemme Cunliffe

Labour Relations Consultant

Pemme has recently retired from her role as In-house Counsel with Covenant Health having had an extensive career in a variety of health care settings, both in practice and in administration. She has served as an employer nominee in labour arbitration hearings for other health authorities/employers. Her current role as a Labour Relations Consultant focuses on labour and employee issues, collective bargaining, workplace investigations and other employment-based issues.