Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction Regulation Review

Input was collected on the review of Alberta’s industrial carbon pricing regulatory system.


We are reviewing feedback on the Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) Regulation system. TIER is Alberta’s third generation of an industrial carbon pricing and emissions trading system, building on regulations and systems that first came into effect in 2007.

Alberta is making great progress on lowering greenhouse gas emissions through our real-world, common sense approach, but we recognize there is opportunity for constant improvement. That’s why input from industry, Indigenous communities and Albertans are under review to make the TIER system better. We will consider feedback received as the TIER review is complete in 2022.


  • Open

    June 17 to August 11, 2022

  • Results under review

  • Completed

Who is listening

Ministry of Environment and Protected Areas

Get informed

Learn more about the TIER regulation and the discussion document guiding the review process.

Input received 

Input was collected through an online feedback form from June 17 to August 11, 2022. Thank you for your participation and input, we are currently reviewing feedback.


Your feedback will be used to help us finalize the TIER review.


To contact us about the TIER review, email [email protected].