Helping Syrian refugees in Alberta

How the province and Albertans are helping out as part of Canada's response to the Syrian refugee crisis.

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Helping Syrian refugees in Alberta

Since 2011, more than 4 million Syrians have fled their country in search of safety, seeking asylum in western nations in order to build a new life.

Canada’s plan

The Government of Canada is resettling refugees to Canada through a 5-phase national plan

The Government of Canada is responsible for the Resettlement Assistance Program, which provides support to Government-Assisted Refugees. This includes:

  • security and medical screening
  • settlement assistance upon arrival
  • immediate short-term housing
  • counselling and cultural orientation
  • information and referral to community services
  • translation and interpretation
  • language training
  • job-related services

Alberta’s plan

In collaboration with federal, provincial, municipal and community partners, as well as private individuals, Alberta is committed to providing a welcoming new home for those fleeing violence in their homeland by:

  • co-ordinating and sharing information between municipal, provincial and federal governments
  • providing grants to 6 federally-funded refugee reception centres located in: Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Brooks and Red Deer
  • establishing a Cross Ministry Refugee Working Group focussing on housing, health, education, resettlement and integration services to address the most immediate needs
  • providing information to the public as it’s made available

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Security and health screening

Protecting the health and safety of Syrian refugees – and all Albertans – is our highest priority.

Refugees who make their way to Canada have been sanctioned by the United Nations and will go through rigorous security and medical checks by the Government of Canada.

Before leaving for Canada, refugees undergo a full immigration medical examination. Upon arrival, they’re further screened for signs of infectious disease. Federal health officials will then continue to monitor and support the health of refugees throughout their resettlement journey.

In general, Syrian refugees have health concerns related to having experienced war in their country and difficult living conditions in refugee camps. But the risk of infectious diseases among this refugee population is considered low.

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How Albertans can help

Albertans have shown incredible support for Syrian refugees, and many are asking how they can help with refugee resettlement.

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