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Albertans shared their thoughts to help inform the development of surface water quality management frameworks for the North Saskatchewan Region and Upper Athabasca Region from June 22 to September 17, 2021.

Surface water quality management frameworks establish clear objectives for surface water quality and consider the impacts of all development activities in the watershed on water quality.

Frameworks include a management response process to be taken if monitoring shows that thresholds, such as limits, targets or triggers, are exceeded. Management responses can range from education and stewardship to regulatory change.

Alberta currently has surface water quality management frameworks for the Lower Athabasca Region and South Saskatchewan Region, which include the Lower Athabasca, Bow, South Saskatchewan, Oldman and Milk rivers.

Surface water quality management frameworks are just one part of a larger regulatory and environmental monitoring system that supports surface water quality management in the province.

Surface water is an important part of Alberta’s healthy ecosystems. Water management in Alberta is a collaborative effort that takes the collective support of many organizations within the water management system.



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