The SGRR first came into effect in 2004, and requires facilities that emit 10,000 tonnes or more of specified gases to submit annual reports on their emissions.


Emissions reporting

Specified Gas Reporting Standard

The Specified Gas Reporting Standard details who is required to report specified gas emissions and how the information is collected. Facilities that are subject to reporting requirements under the SGRR must follow the requirements set out in the Specified Gas Reporting Standard.

Facilities subject to the SGRR report their emissions through the federal government’s Single Window Information Management (SWIM) System.

The reported information is used to inform policy development and for analysis and reporting purposes.

Quantification methodologies

Quantification methodologies for reporters under the Specified Gas Reporting Regulation are provided in the following document: Quantification Methodologies for the Carbon Competitiveness Incentive Regulation and the Specified Gas Reporting Regulation.

Annual reports

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