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Small and Medium Enterprise Relaunch Grant

Program that offered financial support to organizations during COVID-19.

Applications for this program are now closed.


Businesses, cooperatives and non-profits used the Small and Medium Enterprise Relaunch Grant funds as they saw fit to help offset a portion of the impact of new public health measures or their relaunch costs, such as implementing measures to minimize the risk of virus transmission, which could have included:

  • physical barriers
  • purchasing personal protective equipment and disinfecting supplies
  • paying rent and employee wages
  • replacing inventory and more

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Audit and compliance

All applications and corresponding grants are subject to a potential audit by the Government of Alberta, or their authorized representatives, upon reasonable notice to the recipient.

Any audit process would encompass taking copies and extracts of the records and books of account maintained by the recipient in accordance with eligible criteria outlined in the 'Eligibility criteria' section of the program guidelines.

If records or accounts are deemed inadequate to permit a determination of eligibility, repayment of the grant funding by the recipient will be required.


For questions and to connect with Small and Medium Enterprise Support program staff:

Email: [email protected]