Service dog owners should carry their ID with them at all times when in public.

A Service Dog Identification Card verifies that an individual and their service dog have protected public access rights in Alberta.

  • Example of a Service Dog Identification card
    Each ID card has:
    • the name of the handler and dog
    • a photo of the handler and dog
    • a validation number
    • a date of expiration


You may apply for a Service Dog Identification Card if you have a service dog that has:

  • passed an assessment from one of Alberta‚Äôs approved service dog providers, graduated from a program accredited by Assistance Dogs International, or
  • been qualified by an organization contracted by a provincial or territorial government in Canada to train or assess service dogs to standards equivalent to the Alberta Training Standard

If your service dog does not have one of these qualifications, you can apply to have your service dog assessed.

Apply for a service dog identification card

If you meet the above qualifications, you can apply online for an ID card or you can request an application form by contacting the Service Dog Assessment team at 780-427-9136 or  servicedogs@gov.ab.ca

There is no cost for a service dog identification card.

Apply for a card

Photo Requirements

You will be required to submit a photo of you with your service dog.

Your assessor or trainer may be able to take your photo and submit it on your behalf.

Note your photo must follow these guidelines:

Figure 2.

  • Photos must clearly show the user and the service dog
  • There can be no other dogs or people in the photo
  • The user must be facing the camera
  • The face of the user must be clear and visible.
  • The image must be a close-up portrait format

Example of a Service Dog Identification card

After you apply

An official Identification Card will be mailed to you in approximately two weeks.


Connect with the Service Dog Assessment Team:

Phone: 780-427-9136 (Edmonton)
Toll free in Alberta: dial 310-0000, then the phone number
Email: servicedogs@gov.ab.ca

Service Dog Assessment Team
Community and Social Services
3rd Floor, Standard Life Centre
10405 Jasper Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta  T5J 4R7