RAPID Response engagement

Stakeholders can share ideas to help us develop the Rural Alberta Provincial Integrated Defence (RAPID) Response to fight rural crime.


We’re gathering perspectives from stakeholders to understand the potential challenges and opportunities of expanding the roles of approximately 400 provincial peace officers, including fish and wildlife officers and members of the Sheriff Highway Patrol, to enable them to respond to a wider range of calls.

This engagement will help us develop the Rural Alberta Provincial Integrated Defence (RAPID) Response implementation plan and identify ways we can continue to collaborate with stakeholders and rural communities.

By expanding the roles of these officers, we will help reduce response times and combat rural crime by:

  • reinforcing the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)’s response to emergencies and high-priority calls
  • allowing the RCMP to focus more on rural crime
  • increasing the visible presence of law enforcement


  • Open

  • Results under review

  • Completed

Who is listening

Ministry of Public Safety and Emergency Services

Stakeholder engagement

Government officials will meet with stakeholders in the fall of 2020 and early 2021, including:

  • municipal and Indigenous governments
  • Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police (AACP)
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
  • Alberta Association of Community Police Officers
  • Alberta Conservation Association (ACA)
  • Alberta Provincial Rural Crime Watch Association (APRCWA)
  • emergency response partners


What we hear will help us better understand the opportunities and challenges of this initiative as we develop and define RAPID Response policy and protocols.