Recreation on agricultural public land – Dispute resolution process

Process for resolving disputes that can arise regarding access to agricultural lease land.

Resolving disputes over agricultural lease land access

Sometimes, disputes may arise between public land disposition holders and recreational users over their respective rights and responsibilities regarding access to agricultural lease land. In such cases, third-party facilitation or review may be sought to help resolve the issue. 

Stages of dispute resolution

Depending on the nature of the conflict, the dispute resolution process may escalate over the following 3 stages. Select a stage for full details:

  • Stage One – Informal facilitation
    In this stage, local rangeland staff may be called upon to help provide education and facilitate discussion to help resolve the dispute. This is not a formal arbitration and local rangeland staff cannot impose a binding decision regarding access. 
  • Stage Two – Local Settlement Officer review
    Disputes that remain unresolved by Stage One may escalate to a formal review by a designated Local Settlement Officer (LSO). The LSO facilitates the resolution process and has authority to deliver a binding decision regarding access.
  • Stage Three – Director review
    This stage occurs when one or both parties in the dispute disagrees with the LSO decision in Stage Two and applies for a Director review within 7 days of the LSO’s decision. Both parties must continue to comply with the LSO’s decision until the Director’s decision is made.