Provincial Recovery Framework

Creating a consistent and effective provincial approach to disaster recovery.

Defining recovery

The Provincial Recovery Framework provides a foundation to build and continuously strengthen our ability to coordinate provincial resources during disaster recovery.

Recovery is the coordinated emergency management process by which Albertans, municipalities, and government ministries reconstruct infrastructure and re-establish the social, emotional, economic and physical wellbeing of individuals and communities following a disaster.

Recovering from disasters can be a long process that can take anywhere from a few months to several years. To facilitate effective recovery activities, recovery can also be thought of in phases:

  1. Short
  2. Intermediate
  3. Long term recovery

Recovery principles

When a disaster strikes in the province, our objective in recovery is to ensure that affected local authorities have the support and resources required to undertake and lead their recovery.

We use the following 5 key principles to support recovery in the province:

Five key principles to support recovery in the province: Locally-Led, Provincially Augmented; Community-Centered; Network Approach; Pre-disaster Recovery Planning; Lessons Learned and Continuous Improvement

These principles guide our planning, decision-making and implementation of recovery support to communities in Alberta.


This Provincial Recovery Framework identifies that recovery is a distinct and critical part of the emergency management cycle that requires its own unique considerations and guidelines that work in conjunction with prevention and mitigation, preparedness, and response. The Framework is not an operational plan.

The Framework includes:

  • An overview of principles to guide recovery activities and decision-making in recovery.
  • A description of the governance structures that will guide and support our decision-making and recovery activities.
  • The identification of key recovery stakeholders and outline their roles, responsibilities and authorities.
  • An overview of the Alberta Emergency Management Agency’s responsibilities in recovery as well as key strategies to support recovery in the province.

The Framework also serves as a reference tool for communities and other recovery partners to understand strategic direction with respect to coordination, policy or financial decisions.


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