Property tax exemption for non-profits engagement

Stakeholders can help inform how municipalities evaluate property tax exemptions for non-profit organizations.


The Community Organization Property Tax Exemption Regulation (COPTER) provides municipalities with criteria and conditions to use for evaluating property tax exemption applications for non-profit organizations that provide a public benefit to their community.

We are seeking input to help improve the way non-profits are evaluated when they apply for a property tax exemption.


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Who is listening

Ministry of Municipal Affairs

Stakeholder engagement

Municipalities, assessors, volunteer associations, and other affected property owner associations can share feedback on their experiences with the implementation of COPTER through written feedback and targeted engagement sessions.

If you have any questions or comments about the engagement, email us at [email protected]


Feedback will help inform ways to improve consistency of interpretation and ease of application, and to ensure property tax exemptions are equitably available to non-profit organizations that provide similar services or essential supports for communities.


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