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Office of Alberta Health Advocates

Learn about the Health Advocate and Mental Health Advocate, what they do, and your role in your health care.


The Office of the Alberta Health Advocates strives to empower Albertans to be effective advocates in their own health and health care. It provides support and advocates for a health care system that is responsive and accountable to the people being served.

The Advocates refer people to the appropriate programs and services to address their complaints. They have the ability to conduct investigations or reviews into specific complaints related to mental health patient rights and the Alberta Health Charter.

The Advocates help educate Albertans about the mental health patient rights set out in the Mental Health Act and the expectations of the Alberta Health Charter.

Alberta's Health Advocates

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If you have concerns about health services, find out how we can help.

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Learn how we can help patients, formal patients, or those subject to community treatment orders.

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About us

Established in 2014, the Office of the Alberta Health Advocates is comprised of the Mental Health Advocate and the Health Advocate. Together, they provide a single point of access for Albertans by:

  • listening to health service-related concerns
  • assisting Albertans in finding ways to resolve those concerns


To ensure the patient voice is equally included in the planning and operation of Alberta’s health-care system.


We help Albertans gain the knowledge they need to fully access, navigate and advocate for themselves in the health care system in order to support the vision of the Health Charter and the rights of patients as outlined in the Mental Health Act.

Our values proposition

We directly collaborate with the entire health care system to provide patient and family feedback on policy and operations to facilitate quality improvement.


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