We are gathering feedback from Albertans on a proposed plan to establish a disturbance standard which will simplify the approval process to place a mooring structure in a waterbody, such as a dock, boat lift, swimming platform or buoy anchor.

The proposed disturbance standard will apply to these seasonal mooring structures for waterfront, semi-waterfront and municipal waterfront property owners. The standard also addresses the placement of shared docks with a waterfront, semi waterfront or municipal waterfront property owner.

Back lot and community dock users are not included in the proposed disturbance standard, but can continue to place a dock or boat lift if they have consent from the waterfront landowner and have an authorization from Alberta Environment and Parks.

By establishing a disturbance standard, we will reduce red tape and eliminate the need for most dock owners to apply for an authorization if they follow all requirements. This would improve wait times currently caused by the need to authorize thousands of docks.


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    November 2 to December 14, 2020

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Ministry of Environment and Parks

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Your feedback will help us determine next steps in streamlining authorizations for temporary seasonal docks and mooring structures.


Connect with the Alberta Environment and Parks Information Centre for more information about the proposed Mooring Disturbance Standard:

Phone: 310-3773
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Last updated: November 2, 2020