Photo of Minister Schulz at a community centre

Provincial Family Resource Networks provide important community services and parent education supports to vulnerable families.

We are making it easier for families to navigate adoptions, increasing accountability of adoption agencies, and improving processes for prospective adoptive parents.

New child care subsidy model makes child care more affordable for lower-income families who need support the most with an increase in funding of up to 18%.

Key information

  • Supporting the child care sector

    A strong child care sector helps parents get back to work or school and is essential for our economic recovery. To help support Alberta families we:

    • Reopened select licensed child care centres to provide child care for core service workers who bravely kept essential services and our economy running.
    • Expanded the eligibility for centres to provide child care for all essential service workers.
    • Provided $17.8 million in grants to support licensed and approved child care programs to ensure they could safely restart and support families. We also provided an addition $1 million for licensed preschools.
    • Provided almost $100 million through Alberta’s Recovery Plan ($27 million) and the Safe Restart Agreement ($72 million) with the federal government to help licensed and approved child care providers keep children, families and staff safe.
    • Introduced an online child care certification application to make it easier and quicker to become certified and bring more workers to the sector.
    • The updated Early Learning and Child Care Act comes into effect on February 1, 2021 and will increase the quality of child care in Alberta, and provide more flexibility for licensed providers so they can spend more time supporting child care families in their communities. The timing of these changes could not be more critical as child care is an essential part of Alberta’s economic recovery.
  • Supporting vulnerable children and families

    To ensure vulnerable children, youth and families continued to receive services and supports throughout the pandemic, we:

    • Worked with partners to raise awareness to help identify child abuse and neglect; including children exposed to domestic violence.
    • Centralized reporting of concerns of abuse and neglect to ensure a timely response.
    • Created alternatives for housing and rehousing children and youth in care in alignment and relaxed licensing requirements for facilities supporting isolation requirements for children.
    • Provided additional, flexible supports and funding to family-based caregivers to respond to new and unique needs.
    • We are providing electronic devices to parents and to children to facilitate visits through Skype and FaceTime and using virtual technology assessments as appropriate.

In focus


Budget 2022 is moving Alberta forward by building health system capacity, getting more Albertans working, and balancing the budget.

Provincial family resource network online look-up tool

Families can search online for Provincial Family Resource Networks providing services and supports in their area.

Online subsidy application tool

The online subsidy application makes it easier for parents to check if they are eligible and apply for child care subsidy.

Graphic novels

Two graphic novels on youth suicide prevention have been created by and for First Nations and Métis youth. These resources support youth suicide prevention and mental health promotion.


Minister Schulz was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta on April 16, 2019, as the MLA for Calgary-Shaw.

A wife and proud mother of 2 young children, Schulz has seen first-hand the challenges that Alberta’s families have faced during the last 4 years of economic stagnation and decline. A communications professional with a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University, Schulz is eager to advocate for the types of common-sense policies that will grow Alberta’s economy and encourage investment and jobs to return to the province.

Rebecca Schulz was appointed as Alberta’s Minister of Children’s Services on April 30, 2019. Schulz will be focused on ensuring that all Alberta children have the best opportunity to succeed.