What is MTC?

The Manure Transportation Calculator (MTC) is a Windows-based (Excel) program developed by ARD. The Transportation Calculator can be used to determine the net impact of using (transporting and applying) manure or chemical fertilizer as a nutrient source in selected fields under different rotational systems. The calculator determines the net cost of application and transportation, based on the distance between the field and the source or manure, and estimates the net economic benefit gained from the manure application based on the nutrient requirements for each field and crop.

The user inputs information about the supply of manure, nutrient content, fertilizer market values, cropping rotation, yield goals, transportation/application method, and costing variables. The program allows for the evaluation of up to six different fields and 5 years worth of crop rotation. The program has the ability to compare the impact of management decisions in two different fields against each other. The MTC can be useful as both a planning tool for manure application as well as for making decisions regarding beneficial management practice adoption.

What does the MTC do?

The MTC utilizes industry data combined with the user's data to determine the volume of available manure supply, cost of application and crop fertility demand. The resulting analysis determines the net economic impact of transporting and applying an operations manure supply over a 1-5 year plan on inputted fields.

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