Life leases review

Life lease holders and relatives who have dealt with life lease agreements provided feedback on issues they may have encountered as lessees.


We engaged with leaseholders, developers, operators and other stakeholders for a review of life lease protections.

A life lease is a housing market option intended to provide long-term stability in residential living arrangements, often for Alberta seniors. It is a housing option in addition to renting or owning that provides flexibility and choice in Alberta’s housing market.

Life lease contracts are not regulated in Alberta. Feedback will help bring forward recommendations to ensure appropriate protections are in place for Albertans.


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Who is listening

Ministry of Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction 

Input received

Albertans involved with life leases were invited to participate in engagement sessions to share their experiences. These included life leaseholders and their relatives, as well as life lease providers, operators and other interested stakeholders.


Your feedback helped inform proposed changes in Bill 12, the Consumer Protection (Life Leases) Amendment Act, 2024.


Share your concerns or opinions on life lease agreements:
Email: [email protected]