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On average, 64 people die and another 8,044 people are injured in collisions at intersections in Alberta each year. Many of these collisions involved speeding.

This is where intersection safety devices come into play. These devices are a tool to help make our roads safer for everyone.

Intersection safety devices will be located at existing red-light camera locations.  Future locations can also be established at signalized intersections that have a high number of collisions or high frequency of violations.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How does this technology work?

    Municipalities that choose to use this technology will be responsible for operating equipment in accordance with the Automated Enforcement Technology Guidelines. There are various types of technology that are capable of measuring the speed of moving motor vehicles and capturing red light violations.

  2. When did the intersection safety device technology come into effect?

    As of April 1, 2009, law enforcement agencies across Alberta may issue speed violation tickets using data from Intersection Safety Device Technology. Speeding tickets can be issued at all phases of the traffic signal. These devices will also continue to be used for red-light violations.

  3. Which municipalities will be using this technology?

    Individual municipalities make the decision to implement and maintain an Intersection Safety Device program. Not all municipalities will be using this technology so please contact your local municipality or law enforcement agency to get more information for your area.

  4. How will municipalities determine where these devices will be located?

    Municipalities can use the technology at locations that have red-light cameras; high risk locations where the safety of citizens or police would be at risk using conventional enforcement; locations with a high frequency of traffic laws being ignored; or high collision locations.

  5. How will I know if an intersection is equipped with an intersection safety device?

    Photo enforcement signs will warn drivers at intersections using intersection safety devices.

  6. Will I get two tickets if I am speeding and running a red light?

    It’s possible to get two tickets. It’s anticipated that some offenders will proceed through a red light in excess of the posted speed limit. In these situations, additional charges may be pursued.  Additional charges should only occur after consultation with the Crown Prosecutor’s Office on the specific offense(s) detected or alternately at the Crowns direction on all situations of this nature.

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