Employment training programs

Two programs exist to create training and work experience projects that lead to employment for Indigenous members:

  • Aboriginal Training to Employment Program (ATEP)
  • First Nations Training to Employment Program (FNTEP)

These programs support the development of partnerships with:

  • First Nation Bands
  • Treaty Councils
  • Tribal Organizations
  • Métis settlements
  • employers
  • Government
  • Indigenous organizations


Participants in ATEP may be Indigenous Albertans not on-reserve (including First Nations members off-reserve and urban Indigenous persons), or Metis on or off settlement.

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A minimum of 51% of individuals participating in the FNTEP project must be First Nations members (primarily living on-reserve).

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How to Apply


To connect with the Career Information Hotline:

Phone: 780-422-4266 (Edmonton)
Toll free: 1-800-661-3753
Email: IPC@gov.ab.ca