Working to foster a more inclusive Alberta

Gathering input on ways the government can fight racism, foster acceptance and promote an inclusive society.

Status: Open
Minister responsible: David Eggen


Alberta is committed to promoting an inclusive society built on a foundation of mutual respect. While we're making progress to combat racism, we recognize there is more work to be done.

Over the coming months, Minister David Eggen will lead a series of conversations with community organizations and leaders about racism in Alberta and on practical steps the government can take to help Albertans who experience racism.

Community engagement

Minister Eggen will meet with community members to determine what is working, what can be improved and what more can be done. Throughout the summer he will:

  • identify individuals willing to represent communities in this work
  • complete the review of existing government initiatives and inter-jurisdictional scan of other Canadian policies that is already underway
  • get input from community organizations working to combat racism on:
    • how members of their organizations experience racism
    • what community and government initatives are working and what is less successful
    • what community initiatives the government should be supporting
    • how government can engage more effectively
    • successful initiatives in other jurisdictions that could be adopted or adapted to suit Alberta
    • how our government can promote diversity and inclusion, including through recruiting to, and advancing within, the public service and public agencies, boards and commissions
    • how government can remain attuned to the dynamic multicultural nature of Alberta to ensure laws passed are inclusive

Read Premier Notley's letter to Minister Eggen

Get involved

Meetings with community organizations

Minister Eggen has met with more than 60 community organizations. These conversations will continue into early fall.

If your organization would like to get involved in this initiative, please email

Online survey

Albertans were invited to complete a survey as part of our ongoing efforts to gather the experiences and insights of Albertans in dealing with racism and promoting diversity and inclusion. The survey closed Friday, September 22.


Minister Eggen will submit a report to the Premier in fall 2017 that will include recommendations on how the government can fight racism, foster acceptance and promote inclusion and diversity today, tomorrow and for generations to come.