iGaming Strategy engagement

Stakeholders and Indigenous communities and organizations can share input to help inform government's online gaming strategy.


We're gathering feedback from First Nation partners and existing land-based casino and Racing Entertainment Centre operators as we explore options to develop and implement a comprehensive online gaming (iGaming) strategy.

iGaming has grown in popularity and visibility since August 27, 2021, when single-game sports betting was legalized in Canada. 

In 2023, Alberta's Premier asked the Minister of Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction to work with Indigenous partners to finish developing and implementing a comprehensive online gaming strategy with a focus on responsible gaming and provincial and Indigenous revenue generation.


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Who is listening

Ministries of Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction and Indigenous Relations

Get involved

Indigenous engagement

Indigenous partners and communities can share concerns, challenges and opportunities related to iGaming with government through meetings and feedback sessions.

We will continue to build and strengthen relationships between the provincial government and First Nations communities in Alberta while ensuring Indigenous communities play a role in our economic partnerships.

Stakeholder engagement

We will also meet with Alberta gaming operators to gather input. These operators include traditional land-based casino operators and Racing Entertainment Centre operators.

Discussion topics

Discussion topics at engagement meetings and feedback sessions will include:

  • potential business opportunities for First Nations, casinos, and racing entertainment centres to participate in Alberta’s open online gaming market
  • opportunities to effectively allocate government revenues from online gaming to support First Nations; for example, potentially through a new grant program or funding agreement tied to specific activities or development opportunities
  • potential implications an open online gaming market will have on Host First Nation casinos, traditional casinos, and racing entertainment centres
  • potential strategies that government could support or implement to maintain the strength and vibrancy of existing land-based operations


Feedback may help inform new government policies and will contribute to the development and implementation of a provincial online gaming strategy that makes sense for our unique gaming market, serves the interests of all Albertans and continues to uphold governments’ commitment to social responsibility.


Connect with the iGaming Strategy engagement:
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