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Hydrogen development

Hydrogen is the most abundant molecule in the universe and its combustion does not produce carbon emissions.


Hydrogen is a clean energy solution that is safe, reliable, and environmentally responsible. Developing a hydrogen economy is key to shift towards a low-carbon economy. Alberta has considerable experience with hydrogen and plans to move forward to integrate clean hydrogen into existing and emerging energy systems. Learn more in the Overview.

Learn the basics of hydrogen such as how it is produced, stored, and used.

Alberta has identified 5 leading markets for clean hydrogen end-use opportunities.

The centre will drive innovation in the production, deployment and use of hydrogen across Alberta’s economy.

Alberta’s investment advantages strengthen the economy and create jobs in the expanding hydrogen market.

Photo of hydrogen molecules

Hydrogen Roadmap

Alberta is preparing for a lower emission future. The Hydrogen Roadmap is part of that future and Alberta’s recovery plan.

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