This guide is meant to simplify certain parts of the acts and regulations, but is not a substitute for them.

We are not responsible for any omissions in the following documents. It is the responsibility of the transporter to consult the regulations for the exact requirements before moving shipments.


The Guide to Log Haul in Alberta has been prepared to provide information to mills, contractors, carriers, drivers and enforcement related to hauling logs in Alberta.

The use of this guide should increase knowledge related to permitting and log haul requirements resulting in a more efficient and safe operation.

The main objective for developing this guide is to aid the log haul industry by building an understanding of the regulated requirements in Alberta, thus improving compliance.

This guide was written to provide:

  • an overview of the Winter Weight Agreement for the Movement of Raw Forest Products
  • a better understanding of permitting, configurations, winter weight allowances and regulated weights for logging trucks
  • familiarity with reproducing and distributing maps
  • encouragement to carriers, drivers and mills to abide by legislation and safe operating procedures

The material in this guide is not intended to be a training 'course' in any subject area covered. However, it may form part of a larger training program.


The reader is invited to reproduce all or part of this document. At no time should the information be altered in any way nor used in a manner that would change the intended meaning of the material or its accuracy.

Every effort has been made to ensure information in this guide is accurate at the time of preparation. However, this material cannot replace first-hand information, such as specific legislation and is intended to serve only as a guide.


Connect with Permits and Approvals: Central Permit Office:

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Toll free: 310-0000 before the phone number (in Alberta)
Email: [email protected]

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