The Government of Alberta (GoA) visual identity system gives all government communications, facilities, programs and services a unified and recognizable brand. Our logo – the Alberta Signature – is a foundational element. The visual identity system also defines the GoA approach to colours, typography and the other design elements.


  • Cover page of the Visual Identity Manual
    Visual Identity Manual

    The manual helps us maintain brand consistency by providing standards and specifications for the use of the Alberta Government’s visual identity in a variety of situations. The rules outlined in the manual must be followed for all government communications, including stationery, forms, social media, websites, publications and signage.

    Download the Visual Identity Manual

  • Cover image of the Communications Look Book
    Communications Look Book

    A companion guide to the Visual Identity Manual featuring examples of our most frequently used communications materials.

    Download the Communications Look Book (PDF, 5 MB)

Other reference documents

The Government Identity Program maintains short guides for GoA staff on a variety of topics including standards for email signatures, brand colour values and capital project signage.


Downloadable logos

To ensure the Alberta Signature is used appropriately, logo files are only available to download from a password-protected site for GoA communications staff.

Internal use: if you work at the GoA and need logo files, contact the Communications and Public Engagement (CPE) team assigned to your ministry.

External use: if you work for an external vendor or supplier, your GoA contact can request logos on your behalf.

Logo generator

This web application creates Alberta Signature files in EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) and / or PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format:

  • access is restricted to GoA Communications staff
  • these images can then be imported into documents created with word processing, desktop publishing and design software
  • the user has the ability to create a variety of logos based on choices from the options provided

The logo generator only works in Google Chrome.

Logo variations

Our logo files are only available by request to staff outside Communications and Public Engagement. To get the files you need, please contact the communications team assigned to your ministry. They can send you the necessary files, along with some guidance on how to place them appropriately.

Files are available in eps, png and jpeg format. Some are also available in horizontal and vertical layouts.

Special files (different format, specific sizes, etc) can be created upon request.

Further information about the Alberta Government logo is shown in the full version of the Visual Identity Manual.

Here are the most commonly used logo variations:

Primary logo


  • Primary Alberta logo
    Quick notes
    • the logo is available in all five of the primary brand colours
    • sky (blue) is the default colour

Alberta Government


  • Alberta Government logos
    Quick notes
    • available in both horizontal and vertical layout
    • the logo is available in all five of the primary brand colours
    • sky (blue) is the default colour

Alberta Canada


  • Alberta Canada logos
    Quick notes
    • the international version is only available in the Sky (blue) colour
    • when placed over a background colour there should be white in the flag behind the maple leaf
    • on the reversed version there is no white in the flag behind the maple leaf

French version


  • French Alberta logo
    Quick notes
    • the word Alberta is never translated into a second language
    • logo files in other languages can be created upon request
    • these logos can be used in any of the five primary corporate colours
    • sky (blue) is the default colour
    • sky is the only version currently available - other colours can be created upon request

Ministry logos


  • Alberta Government Ministry logos

    The Government of Alberta logos with ministry identifiers are used in communications when the identification of a specific ministry is essential. These can only be used internally.

Animated version


  • Animated version of the Alberta logo
    Quick notes
    • The animated Alberta signature is available in a variety of layouts in both .mp4 and .mov format.
    • We use the animated logo as the outro for videos. Opening with the logo is not recommended.
    • When placing the animated logo over a background image, keep the background simple so it does not detract from the logo. These are the same rules that apply for logo placement in other products.
    • All animations are just over 9 seconds long
    • Logo animations only use the Sky variation
    • There is no audio with any of the files


Government of Alberta staff can download Word and PowerPoint templates and other reference documents directly from this GoA staff page.

To access the page from outside the GoA domain, staff can enter their GoA credentials:

User name: (enter full GoA email address)
Password: (enter GoA system password)

If you have any questions, email visual@gov.ab.ca.

Photo library

Photos in this library are owned by the Government of Alberta and are cleared for use in GoA government communications materials.

Emblems of Alberta

The emblems of Alberta reflect our province's history, its natural landscapes and its diverse people. To find out about the Alberta Coat of Arms and other provincial emblems, and download emblem images for use, visit Emblems of Alberta.


To connect with the Government Identity Program:

Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)

Inquiries about the visual identity elements, including the logo:
Email: visual@gov.ab.ca

Inquiries about the Government Identity Program:
Email GOAidentity@gov.ab.ca