1. Select the FWMIS loadform file you want to verify. NOTE: Files must be in Excel (xls or xlsx) format.
  2. The validation checks will run automatically once the loadform file has been chosen.
  3. If the tool detects any issues with the loadform data, it will display these issues in red text in the Verification results section below.
  4. To review an issue, select a message line to expand or collapse the issue details.
  5. If validation issues are shown, update the loadform file and then run it through the check tool again.
  6. Once the data in your loadform has been validated, you may proceed to submit your loadform into FWMIS as outlined in the Data Submission Guide (PDF, 471 KB).

For technical assistance with the FWMIS loadform check tool or FWMIS loadforms, contact [email protected].

Upload file

Choose a file to upload for verification. Once the file is uploaded, you will receive a number of verification results below.

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