Diploma exams

Resources to help students prepare to write diploma exams and information for exam administrators.

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General information about Grade 12 diploma exams, including information on marking, weighting, and how to get your results.

Guides, exemplars, rules, and other information to help students prepare for Grade 12 diploma exams.

Find forms and learn how the Alberta government works to ensure exam fairness and consistency.

Important notice: Diploma exams and extremely cold weather

Due to bus cancellations in the extremely cold weather, some students may be unable to attend a diploma exam. In this case, they may choose to write at a future date. Affected students may also be eligible for an exemption. For further information, parents and students should contact their school. If necessary, they can also contact Alberta Education at special.cases@gov.ab.ca.


The Grade 12 Diploma Examinations Program has 3 main purposes:

  • to certify the level of individual student achievement in selected Grade 12 courses
  • to ensure that province-wide standards of achievement are maintained
  • to report individual and group results

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