Every March, Albertans ’spring forward’ an hour to observe daylight saving time and then ’fall back’ an hour in November to revert to Standard Time.

While we've observed daylight saving time for 50 years, it’s time to have a serious conversation about whether or not we should end the practice of changing our clocks twice a year.


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Who is listening

Ministry of Service Alberta

Why daylight time?

Many governments across North America and Europe are considering, or moving toward, staying on daylight saving time, rather than standard time.

When we consider our neighbouring provinces, Saskatchewan doesn’t adjust its clocks twice a year, and the B.C. government tabled legislation in October to remain on daylight saving time (summer hours) year round.

Moving to standard time permanently would put us out of sync with those jurisdictions.

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Your feedback will help inform whether Alberta adopts daylight saving time all year or continues to change our clocks in the spring and fall.


Last updated: June 24, 2020