Damage Control Licences

When certain species of wildlife are damaging private property, you can apply to a Fish and Wildlife Division district office for a damage control licence. This licence provides legal authority to hunt or trap the nuisance wildlife to attempt to minimize the damage.

Conditions and Restrictions

The damage control licence is issued by a Fish and Wildlife officer and specifies

  • Type of animal that can be taken under the licence
  • Method for taking the animal
  • Period of time the licence is valid

The conditions of the licence must be followed exactly.

Some restrictions of the damage control licence:

  • On privately-owned land, an applicant must be the owner or occupant of the privately-owned land listed on the damage control licence, and the licence must be issued in that person's name.
  • Licence holders can designate someone else to control the wildlife for them who, if approved, will be issued a separate authorization form.
  • A damage control licence cannot be issued to manage migratory birds if a federal migratory bird damage permit has already been issued.
  • A damage control licence can not be issued to control ungulates that are causing damage to crops, property or stored feed.
  • A report stating the number and species of animals taken must be submitted no later than 10 days after the expiry of the licence.

Non-licence animals

If the animal causing the damage is classified as a non-licence animal, you do not need a licence to remove it from your property; however, you should contact a Fish and Wildlife officer for advice on the legal methods that can be used.

Migratory Bird Damage Permit

A Fish and Wildlife officer can issue migratory bird damage permits to those who would like to remove or scare away ducks or geese causing crop damage.

Conditions and Restrictions

Some restrictions of the migratory bird damage permit:

  • The applicant must be a resident of Alberta.
  • The person receiving the permit can name other people to help remove or scare away the ducks or geese. That person must carry the permit when they are acting under its authority.
  • The ducks or geese can only be shot on or over the fields identified on the permit.
  • The ducks or geese cannot be shot within 50 metres of water.
  • Decoys, calls, blinds or other concealments cannot be used.
  • A report stating the number and species must be submitted to the office issuing the permit no later than 15 days after the permit expires.

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