About the plan

  • The Cost Control Framework and For-Profit Expansion Plan acknowledges the uniqueness of Alberta’s mixed market child care system and will make it so more licensed private child care programs are able to provide more spaces to Alberta families under the Alberta Canada Early Learning and Child Care Agreement.
  • The For-Profit Expansion Plan will allow up to 22,500 additional licensed private child care spaces to be eligible for funding supports in addition to the 42,500 non-profit child care spaces that will be created by 2025-26.
  • The Cost Control Framework will guide the sound and reasonable use of public funds by:
    • ensuring accountability and directed use of funds while still supporting parent choice for additional child care services
    • maintaining rigor around licensing requirements and financial practices
    • reducing potential exposure to fee and cost escalation for parents and governments

How it works

  • As is the case today, operators must commit to achieving an average of $10 per day for core child care by 2025-26 to be eligible for provincial funding supports. Child care fees are still projected to decrease over the next few years:
    • On average $15 per day in 2023-24 and 2024-25
    • On average $10 per day in 2025-26
  • Once implemented the Cost Control Framework will apply equally to private and non-profit operators.

Next steps

  • The For-Profit Expansion Plan will be implemented starting in February 2023.
  • The Cost Control Framework will be implemented starting in 2023-24. More details will be developed over the coming weeks and months as we engage with child care operators to ensure high quality child care within a future sustainable funding model.