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Information for condominium owners, boards and corporations about Alberta condo laws.

Condominium Manager Licensing

Effective December 1, 2021, all individuals and companies that provide condominium management services in Alberta must be licensed by the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA). For more information: Condominium Manager Licensing.

Fact sheets

Condominium fact sheets are available for the following categories:





Reserve funds

Director’s Interpretation Bulletins

Section 62.6 of the Condominium Property Act allows for its director to issue advisory options and interpretation bulletins regarding the insurance-related sections of the Act or the Condominium Property Regulation.

This allows Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction to provide clarity or further information on insurance-related provisions in the condominium legislation.

These bulletins are not legally binding but can be used by those who are seeking further guidance on the insurance requirements for condominium corporations. Bulletins will be posted here when they are issued.

Qualifications for reserve fund study providers

The Condominium Property Regulation requires reserve fund study providers to have specific training or qualifications. In addition to those listed in section 21.1 of the Regulation, other training and qualifications have been recognized by Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction.

Please note, these additional forms of training and qualifications have since expired. Please refer to the Condominium Property Regulation for all reserve fund study provider qualifications and training.

Superintendent of Insurance bulletin

A number of local and global factors are currently driving up the costs of condominium insurance across Canada. Examples include increasing frequency and severity of condominium property claims, and increasing property values. To help alleviate some of the premium increases, the Superintendent of Insurance is curtailing the use of ‘best terms pricing’ on condominium insurance policies.

For more information, see the Superintendent of Insurance Interpretation Bulletin.



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