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Commercial vehicle weight and dimension permits

Permits needed for commercial vehicles to haul goods when weights and dimensions are more than the regulated amount.


The government monitors, controls and issues permits for the movement of all commercial vehicles, including oversize and overweight vehicles. This helps to ensure safety and minimize inconvenience to the travelling public, as well as reduce damage to roads. Through monitoring and enforcing safety standards, we aim to keep the province's highways safe for all road users.

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Oversize and overweight permits

Conditions applied to the movement of oversized and overweight vehicles to protect public safety and minimize road damage.

Special weight and dimension permits

Requirements and conditions for special permit programs in Alberta.

Weight and dimension regulations

Weight and dimension regulations on commercial vehicles help protect both public safety and Alberta’s infrastructure.


Connect with the Central Permit Office:

Toll free: 1-800-662-7138
Phone: 403-342-7138
Email: [email protected]

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