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Health professionals who work together in practice and education create team-based models of service delivery to support safe, high quality, people-centered care.

Take a step towards a culture change within the health care system to improve quality and ensure a sustainable health system.

What it means

Take opportunities to work and learn together in the interest of patient care. Work hand-in-hand rather than handing-off.

Who it involves

It involves you, those you work and learn with, and those you provide care to everyday.

Why it matters

It matters, as it will lead to better patient outcomes — the very reason we all do what we have been educated to do.

How it works

It works when high-performing teams and collaborative relationships connect to ensure patient outcomes improve.

Enhanced collaboration

Enhanced collaboration among health care providers, individuals, families, caregivers, and the community positively affects service quality and safety, and improves overall health outcomes.

Those who should know about collaborative practice and education include:

  • all health care providers, both regulated and non-regulated
  • management-level staff in the practice environment
  • learners, faculty, preceptors, and senior administrators in the learning environment
  • government representatives involved in policy development and implementation
  • individuals, their families, caregivers, and communities
  • you

You can help remove barriers that prevent collaborative practice and education from happening in clinical practice, learning, regulatory and government sectors.

Read the framework and workplan for change documents and start talking about it in your organization:

These documents set the policy direction to enhance collaboration among health care providers, individuals, families and caregivers. The goal is to positively affect service quality and safety, and improve health outcomes in Alberta.

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