Child guardianship, foster care and kinship care

How to become a guardian, foster parent or kinship caregiver, and support for caregivers.

Services and information

Apply to be the legal guardian of a child.

The Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee (OPGT) protects a minor's assets when there's no other trustee available.

Provide temporary care for children and youth in need, in a healthy, nurturing family environment.

Children can receive temporary placement with extended family such as a grandparent, or someone with whom they’re significantly connected.

Foster and kinship caregivers share inspiring stories about the children they’ve helped, and how caregiving changes lives.

Join us at events across Alberta in support of foster and kinship caregivers.

Compensation, social supports, services, training and resources available to caregivers.

Remove legal guardianship of a child from yourself or someone else.