Campus Alberta Innovation Program

Facilitates the attraction and recruitment of new research leaders to Alberta.


The Campus Alberta Innovation Program (CAIP) was launched in 2011 as a one-time investment to facilitate the attraction and recruitment of leading-edge faculty and research personnel such as graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. It focused on areas of existing or emerging research and innovation priority:

  • Energy and environment
  • Neuroscience/prions
  • Food and nutrition
  • Water

The program supports seven-year terms for up to 18 CAIP chair recruitments. Through these positions, Alberta’s post-secondary institutions can expand their research programs and advance areas of importance.

There are no plans to administer another CAIP at this time.

Program evaluation

Progress reports are expected by the end of each CAIP chair’s term, and will include information on the overall assessment of the chair’s outcomes (e.g. significant research results, translational activities, collaborations, other impacts).


Program inquiries

Neil Sulakhe
Acting Senior Manager
Research Capacity Program

Financial reporting

Mimi Nguyen
Financial Analyst