The Campus Alberta Innovation Program (CAIP) was launched in 2011 as a one-time investment under the Strategic Research Initiatives (SRI) to facilitate the attraction and recruitment of leading-edge faculty and research personnel such as graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. It focused on 4 areas of existing or emerging research and innovation priority:

  • energy and environment
  • neuroscience and prions
  • food and nutrition
  • water

CAIP chairs are recruited for terms to help Alberta's Comprehensive and Academic and Research Universities (CARUs) expand their research programs and advance areas of importance to the province. There are no plans to administer another CAIP at this time.

Meet the Chairs and learn more about their projects (PDF, 327 KB).

Program outcomes

The CAIP focused on 4 outcomes to:

  • enhance Alberta's ability to attract and retain highly qualified personnel and strengthen Alberta's research and innovation agenda
  • align Alberta Innovates and Alberta's institutions to advance areas of strategic importance
  • provide a program focused on consideration of new approaches for research and teaching, and improve Alberta's global recognition as a destination for knowledge generation
  • increase competitiveness of Alberta's labour force and economy

Chair requirements

CAIP chairs must:

  • be in alignment with the Alberta’s institutions and Alberta Innovates priorities
  • support the learning environment and instructional excellence, focusing on innovative models for research and teaching
  • attract faculty members from outside of Alberta, however graduate students/post-doctoral fellows may be recruited from within Alberta

Funding requirements

CAIP support is limited and is subject to:

  • reduction of the award amount in order to create an opportunity for another CAIP award
  • defining a sustainability plan before the completion of each recipient's award

Eligible expenses

  • salary and operating expenses (small equipment for laboratory start-up, supplies and related research expenses)
  • CAIP funding can be used as the 20% requirement for Canada Foundation for Innovation's (CFI), John R. Evans Leaders Fund (JELF) and Alberta Research Capacity Program's (RCP) Small Equipment Grants (SEG) proposals

Ineligible expenses

  • capital infrastructure
  • retention of existing faculty or rehiring laid-off faculty
  • projects that have previously been cancelled or declined by the CARU or declined through Technology and Innovation reviews
  • projects that were previously funded by Alberta Innovates or the former Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research
  • matching of private donations to cover the suspension of the Access to the Future Fund
  • establishing scholarships

Reporting requirements

As part of the grant agreement, institutions are required to submit financial reports and progress reports on an annual basis for each Chair. The deadline to receive annual reports is September 15th of each year.

Institutions are also required to contact Technology and Innovation immediately if there are material changes to the status of the chairholder (for example: departure from the institution, transition of the Chair into base funding, etc.) or reallocations of funding from one Chair to another. Changes will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis in the context of the mandate of the program.


If you have questions about the reporting requirements, contact:

Aisha Grant
Manager, Discovery Innovations
Technology and Innovatio
Phone: 780-893-5932
Email: [email protected]