Bow Valley human-wildlife coexistence engagement

In 2018, Albertans were invited to open houses and complete an online survey regarding human-wildlife coexistence in the Bow Valley region.

This engagement has been archived.
Status: Completed
Ministry responsible: Environment and Parks
Completed: 2018


The Human-Wildlife (HWC) Technical Report was created to provide recommendations to reduce conflict between wildlife and humans in the Bow Valley. The report was created based on input from technical experts from across Alberta in wildlife management.

The report was commissioned by the HWC Round Table members, which include the Government of Alberta, Parks Canada, Town of Banff and Town of Canmore.

Public feedback on the report was gathered from open houses in Canmore on June 6, 2018, Banff on June 12, 2018 and online submission between June 6 and August 10, 2018.

The report will be used by the management organizations in the Bow Valley as a guide to enhance human-wildlife coexistence.


Human and wildlife coexistence: recommendations for improving human-wildlife coexistence in the Bow Valley

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