Bow River Reservoir Options engagement

Albertans shared input on the Bow River Reservoir Options Initiative as part of the Phase 2: Feasibility Study.


Albertans provided feedback on possible options to help reduce the effects of flooding and drought along the Bow River by increasing storage capacity. Your input will help us identify and assess the potential socio-economic, environmental, and other impacts of each option.

Additional water storage will significantly reduce the impact of severe weather events on Albertans who live, work and recreate in the Calgary area and on the provincial economy. Flooding that occurred in southern Alberta in 2013 alone caused more than $5 billion in damage in Calgary and surrounding communities.

Feedback gathered will help determine which reservoir option, if any, should proceed to the next phase of the process. If an option proceeds, any feedback received will also inform future phases of the engagement.

Engagement status

  • Open

    A questionnaire was open April 15 to May 13, 2024.

  • Results under review

  • Completed

Who is listening

Ministry of Environment and Protected Areas

Engagement timeline

  • Phase 1: Conceptual assessment

    Included a high-level hydrological study, tabletop geotechnical investigation, conceptual reservoir design and Indigenous, stakeholder and public engagement.

    November 2018 to Spring 2020
  • Phase 2: Feasibility study

    Includes a detailed hydrological study, on-site geotechnical investigation, on-site environmental data collection, cost-benefit analysis, Indigenous, stakeholder and public engagement and potential selection of an option to proceed to Phase 3.

    Spring 2020 to Spring 2023
  • Phase 3: Engineering and regulatory approval process (pending)

    Includes detailed design and engineering of the recommended option, and pursuit of all required regulatory approvals.

    2025 to approximately 2030*
  • Phase 4: Procurement, construction and commissioning (pending)

    Includes construction of the approved option.

    Approximately 2030 to 2034*

*If a decision is made to proceed to this phase.

Get informed

This round of engagement focused on the Relocated Ghost Dam and Glenbow East options only.

  • Relocated Ghost Dam – An expansion of the existing Ghost Reservoir
  • Glenbow East – A new reservoir between Cochrane and the Bearspaw Dam at the western edge of Calgary

Learn more about the Bow River Reservoir Options initiative:

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Participate online

Albertans completed the online questionnaire between April 15 and May 13, 2024 to help us determine which, if any, option will proceed to Phase 3: Engineering and Regulatory Approval Process.

Virtual Information Centre

You can learn about the work completed so far, the option evaluation process and the information we are gathering through Round 2 engagement by visiting the Virtual Information Centre. 

The Virtual Centre features display boards, an interactive tool, a video and reports to help people learn more about the initiative and the feasibility study.

Visit the Virtual Information Centre


Your feedback will help us assess options to mitigate flood and drought impacts on the Bow River.


Connect with the Bow River Reservoir Options engagement team:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 310-3773 (toll free)

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