Bighorn Country proposal engagement

In 2018, Albertans were asked for feedback on a draft proposal to enhance, conserve and improve tourism the Bighorn region.

This engagement has been archived
Status: Completed
Ministry responsible: Environment and Parks
Completed: 2019


Bighorn Country includes all public lands located in the western part of the North Saskatchewan Region, extending from the borders of Banff National Park eastward towards Drayton Valley.

To conserve the landscape and manage social and economic activity in Bighorn Country, in 2018, the Alberta government proposed the designation of a new Wildland Provincial Park and new, expanded or amended parks, recreation areas, and Public Land Use Zones.

Changes to land designations in Bighorn Country would better protect headwaters and biodiversity, provide high-quality outdoor recreation, and support unrealized tourism potential.

Consultation with stakeholders, municipalities, Indigenous communities and other Albertans took place from November 23, 2018 to January 31, 2019.

Life cycle

Engagement period:  November 2018 to February 2019

Feedback reviewed: February 2019

Engagement process stopped spring 2019 to enable renewed approach to land use planning


Bighorn Country Proposal
Interim Protection Measures
Bighorn Country Proposal FAQ
Bighorn Country Proposal Glossary
Bighorn Wildland Provincial Park
Bighorn Dam Provincial Recreation Area
West Country Public Land Use Zone
David Thompson Provincial Park
Kiska-Willson Pubic Land Use Zone
Shunda Provincial Recreation Area
North Saskatchewan River Provincial Park
Hummingbird Provincial Recreation Area
Snow Creek Provincial Recreation Area
Ya Ha Tinda Provincial Park

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