BearSmart communities

Alberta communities are committing to strategies to reduce conflicts between bears and people.

How it works

A BearSmart community is one that has committed to a plan to reduce the potential for bear-human conflict. BearSmart communities work with Alberta Fish and Wildlife staff to:

  • establish a community-led BearSmart committee
  • develop and deliver an education plan
  • create bylaws to manage the garbage and other food sources that may attract bears into the community

Become a BearSmart community

  • Residents

    Residents living in bear country can take steps to keep their children and pets safe from bears, and ensure their yards do not contain items that attract bears. See: Bears and Residents.

  • Municipalities

    Garbage management

    • Restrict curb-side placement of garbage to the morning of pick-up.
    • Encourage residents and businesses to use bear-resistant waste containers.
    • Install electric or chain link fencing around recycling depots.


    • Install permanent electric fencing.
    • Construct a bear-resistant transfer station that ships garbage outside of the area or to a bear-resistant landfill or incinerator.
    • Modify operating hours to make it easier for residents to dispose of their garbage on a regular basis.
    • Place bear-resistant dumpsters at landfill sites for the public to use after hours. Empty them regularly.

    Green spaces

    • Clear berry and fruit-bearing trees and shrubs away from school yards, playgrounds, parks and green spaces.
    • Locate green spaces and trails so they do not provide a continuous corridor for wildlife to follow from forested land to residential areas.
    • Ensure that sufficient wildlife corridors run around and outside the community.


For information on the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) certified bear-resistant products, visit IGBC online: Bear Resistant Products.


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