Bat diseases and parasites

The prevalence of diseases in Alberta's bat population is extremely low and any risks to humans can be easily avoided.

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Bat diseases and parasites

Like all species, whether wild or domestic, bats have their own suite of parasites and diseases that live inside or on the outside of individual bats or are found in association with bats.

The prevalence of diseases in bats in Alberta is extremely low and any risks to humans easily can be avoided. As a precaution, bats should not be handled directly.

Additional information about human health concerns in association with bats is provided at

White-nose Syndrome and Bat Health

There are few diseases or parasites of bats in North America that threaten the health of bat populations. White-nose syndrome is an exception.

White-nose Syndrome is a disease caused by a cold-loving fungus that grows in caves and transfers onto wintering bats. It is associated with the death of millions of bats in eastern North America, and was found in Alberta in 2022.

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